Tom Turner Has Left the Range

Tragically, pancreatic cancer took Tom from us recently.

Tom was someone you consistently saw at matches during the 1998-2014 era. From club matches, Qualifiers, Provincials and Nationals, Tom was a fierce competitor often making a Team for IPSC BC. One of Tom’s great attributes was his accuracy. If he saw it, he hit it. Very seldom did you hear “Mike” when Tom’s scores were called out.

Tom was also one of the best chrono operators we had. I remember at one match Tom came to me and told me he had, literally, shot the chrono. That wasn’t too uncommon but never from Tom. I expressed my concern he hit the chrono. He then took the shooters gun he used and shot a 7m target…and it hit 30cm low! My faith in Tom’s accuracy was restored.

Tom never let you off the hook if he saw things being done wrong. In no uncertain terms, he would tell you how he felt and offer to make it right.

Another of Tom’s great passions was hunting which he enjoyed more when he moved to the Cranbrook area. If match targets were getting holes in them, game would find its way onto his table with ease.

Our sympathies go out to his long time companion, Sue Duckworth, who, herself, was a tireless supporter of IPSC. Tom maybe gone but never forgotten.

Hold your loved ones a bit closer.


Murray “DOC” Gardner

Squad photo from an Area 1 Championships, ca2000

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